Good Fresh Food

We take pride in doing things the hard way, and hopefully you can taste the difference.  While we don't grind grains for our bread or churn our own butter, we use our resources and time to make as much from scratch as possible.  Sandwiches, Pasta, catering.   We aren't fine dining but have a Guild meal and you will be feeling fine and dandy.  

Sporting Events

We are located just 1 mile from Kinnick Stadium and even closer to Carver Hawkeye Arena.  We love the Hawkeyes but if you root for the other team we welcome you all the same.  We have a large projector that we have the sound on for sporting events.

Events and Specials

Ride your bike to Guild and you always get $2 off your first beer.  Catering is another one of  the things we love to do.  Stop by and visit Carti G, she is out around town putting it down.  Check out our catering menu, or contact us at to inquire!